About us

Современное высококлассное оборудование ведущих мировых производителей Modern premium equipment from the leading global manufacturers
Широкий спектр испытаний Wide range
of trials
Владение редкими методами исследований Rare research
methods application
Наличие вивария Own
Высококвалифицированный обученный персонал с многолетним опытом работы в области подтверждения соответствия лекарственных средств Highly qualified trained personnel with long-term experience
Постоянное взаимодействие с клиентами Continuous cooperation with customers
Возможность доставки образцов  собственным курьером Courier sample delivery
Сертифицированы ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) Certified by GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015)

PHARMOBORONA Test Center, Ltd., has:

  • An analytical laboratory for chemical, spectral and chromatographic analyses equipped with premium equipment by the leading global manufacturers;

  • A lab for bacteriological analyses meeting all requirements of national standards, as well as of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers requirements;

  • A modern vivarium.

Only highly skilled specialists operate in Test Center: pharmacists, chemists, bacteriologists and veterinarians with a great experience in research and drug quality control.

Our Center is equipped with modern equipment by global leading manufacturers in lab equipment development. That allows us to provide all services in drug and biologics development and quality control.

Our Achievements for 5 Years

  • 47 methods from 10 foreign companies have been transferred.
  • 18 of our specialists visited 14 foreign trainings in analytical, immunobiological and biological procedures.
  • We accepted 28 external audits of our customers.
  • Laboratory instrumentation growth is 41%. At present, we have 457 pieces of equipment.
  • The team of our specialists grew by 44%.
  • At present, we work for 200 customers and for 15 pharmaceutical manufacturers as a contract facility.