10 years of Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd.

Video clip dedicated to the 10th anniversary Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd.

Photos from the anniversary of the company dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd.

How much you can do in 10 years?

The history of the company begins in July 2011. Then a limited liability company, the Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd., was created.

"Oborona" (Defense) is a very important word for our company and we put a special meaning in it. From the very beginning, we wanted to do everything possible to protect people from substandard medicines as much as possible. Therefore - "Farmoborona" (defense of pharma).

And in order for this defense to be truly reliable, from the very first days we recruit the best employees in our field, purchase the most modern equipment and implement a wide range of analysis methods.

Award for contribution to the economic development of Russia in the nomination Leader of Russian Business 2016

The Center received its first accreditation in 2011, and already in 2013 the area was expanded, and the Center started working with biological and immunobiological drugs, and the first transfer of techniques for the customer was carried out. We can say that the Center began to work at a rapid pace. And continued, by the way, too.

Active activity brings the Testing Center many significant awards: in 2013, the Center received the honorary title of "Guarantor of quality and Reliability" at the All-Russian award "National Quality Brand", in 2015 it became the winner of the prestigious international competition "Enterprise of the Year" in its field of activity – testing and analysis of purity of materials and substances, and in 2016 it was awarded the prize for contribution to the economic development of Russia in the nomination "Leader of Russian Business".

The reputation of Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. in the professional community grew, along with the reputation of the Center itself, literally. For example, in 2016, the laboratory area for bacteriological analyses was expanded, "clean" rooms for performing microbiological work were equipped.

Accreditation ANAB 2018

Two more years later, the Testing Center receives accreditation from the American non-profit organization ANAB for compliance with the requirements to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 

This accreditation is a very important stage for the development of the Center. ANAB provides accreditation services for calibration, testing and analytical laboratories around the world and it was extremely important for us to become part of this international community striving to improve the quality of pharmaceutical products.

In 2019, Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. opens its own vivarium, which was previously located in rented premises, and in 2020 it increases the area of the analytical laboratory and the organizational and expert department. These steps made it possible to expand the capabilities of the Center by the types and volume of research conducted.

The Center's employees annually attend international trainings, advanced training courses and practice in large foreign companies. During the 10 years of the Test Center's existence, its specialists have attended 24 trainings in 15 countries.

At the same time, the improvement of the professional competence of employees is carried out not only through the adoption of foreign experience. Visiting large domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, participating in seminars and conferences is an equally important part of the professional growth of the employees of the Testing Center.

The best proof of the correctness of this approach is, firstly, that customers are confident in the quality of work, Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. is a reliable partner for them, and, secondly— the number of successfully completed inspections and audits. In 10 years there were 113 of them!

Another important reason for such a rapid take-off of the Center is the use of modern testing equipment that allows for complete quality control of medicines and obtain reliable and accurate results.

The Testing Center has done a lot of work to make the analysis of biotechnological and genetically engineered drugs possible within its walls. The purchase of the most complex specialized equipment – multifunctional readers was carried out, the best specialists of the Center were trained in foreign laboratories.

Even sometimes it is hard to believe that all this was done not in 30 or 20 years, but in just 10. At the beginning of the journey, only a few employees worked in the laboratory, and now 87 specialists of the highest level are working, 73 of them with higher education, including 7 candidates of sciences, 1 doctor of sciences, 11 pharmacists, 22 chemists, 5 microbiologists and 4 veterinarians.

And not only the number of employees has grown. Three small divisions in a short time transformed into a full-fledged Testing Center with two laboratories, its own vivarium, with an organizational and expert, engineering and technical, financial and economic department and quality service.

Despite the fact that today the Test Center is already a large-scale and really effective enterprise - Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. is not going to stop there. In the next few years, it is planned to make the Test Center truly multidisciplinary by introducing services for the development of analytical methods of analysis. In addition, there are plans to create a Training center for practical training of students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions.

And, of course, Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. will continue to grow and open new laboratories that contribute to the expansion of opportunities.

Our achievements over the last 10 years

  • We have completed 315972 drug testing.
  • Rejected 1555 a series of substandard medicines (prevented their release into circulation).
  • We took part in the transfer 152 methods from 19 manufacturing companies.
  • Visited 24 foreign trainings with 52 employees of analytical, immunobiological and biological methods in 15 countries.
  • Accepted 113 inspections.
  • The park of laboratory devices has been increased. Today we have 436 units of equipment.
  • Today we employ 87 specialists of the highest category.
  • Currently we work for more than 283 customers and work as a contract laboratory for 26 pharmaceutical companies.