• 01.05.2024
    Tutayev Half Marathon "May. Peace. Youth"

    Our employees, as part of the annual sporting event "PHARMECO Running through the Golden Ring," participated in the opening of the running season at the Tutayev Half Marathon, which took place on May 1.

    Tutayev Half Marathon 'May. Peace. Youth'

  • 15.04.2024
    LLC SRC "FARMOBORONA" participated in the annual "Quantoriada" Festival, which took place on April 12-13, 2024 at the GAPOU MO "MCC – S.P. Korolev Technical School".

    During the Festival, an exhibition of scientific and technical projects by students from schools and gymnasiums of the city was presented, and for the first time, tripartite Cooperation Agreements were signed between our company, the city administration, Gymnasium No. 5, and with the MBU DO "Orbita Center" of Korolev.

    In addition, career-oriented events were held on the Festival grounds, where city enterprises could inform students and their parents about the advantages of their specializations. Also, employees of LLC SRC "FARMOBORONA" participated in a round table organized by the team of GAPOU MO "MCC – S.P. Korolev Technical School". As a result, agreements were reached to continue work aimed at attracting graduates of the Technical School to employment at city enterprises.

    Watch the Korolev TV report via this link

  • 08.04.2024
    LLC SRC "FARMOBORONA" Among the Organizations and Institutions of the Russian Federation Whose Specialists Participated in the Preparation of the 15th Edition of the State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation

    List of participants in the preparation of the 15th edition:

  • 03.04.2024
    Participating in the Review of Projects for the State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation

    LLC SRC "FARMOBORONA" is involved in the work of the Expert Section for Standardization of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Substances (No. 2) of the Institute of Pharmacopoeia and Standardization FGBU "NCESMP" of the Russian Ministry of Health in reviewing projects of pharmacopoeial articles and pharmacopoeial articles for the State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation.

    List of sections with organizations indicated:

  • 28.03.2024
    Employees of the FARMOBORONA Research Center participated as members of the expert committee for the research section within the framework of defending projects at the "Quantoriada" Festival.

    The "Quantoriada" Festival, scheduled for April 12-13, 2024 at the GAPOU MO "MCC – S.P. Korolev Technical School", coincides with Cosmonautics Day.

    This event is aimed at fostering interest among students in engineering creativity, project-based and research activities. Participants of the Festival traditionally include students from Korolev city and the Moscow region, college students, representatives from city-forming enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The "Quantoriada" venue will feature an exhibition of scientific and technical projects, presentations of the best projects, various career-oriented activities, and meetings.

  • 25.03.2024
    Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day

    In mid-March, the company's staff hosted a wonderful corporate evening dedicated to two holidays: February 23 and March 8.

    The "EventyOn" team organized a culinary master class for 100 people in a beautifully modern and equipped space for cooking various dishes. This event managed to combine the competitive spirit between teams, informal communication, dancing, a game of "Name That Tune", and a liquid nitrogen show.

    A highlight of the program was undoubtedly the preparation of the Italian dish "Linguine alla Siciliana". Under the guidance of charismatic chefs, all employees of FARMOBORONA stood side by side, each holding a rolled out sheet of dough. The long ribbon of dough was joyfully carried to a kitchen processor to be cut into noodles.

    Participating in the process of preparing a delicious Italian dinner evokes various emotions and makes the taste of the dishes unforgettable!

    The joint, coordinated actions of different people, many of whom do not interact in their day-to-day work, create a common corporate spirit.

    The evening was active and fun, leaving the company's employees energized for further professional success!

  • 19.02.2024
    State Duma Deputy and Head of the Korolev Urban District Visited the SRC FARMOBORONA Site in Korolev

    On February 15, a meeting of the labor collective of LLC SRC "FARMOBORONA" with State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Alla Viktorovna Polyakova and Head of the Korolev Urban District Igor Trifonov was held.

    We talked about our family company and conducted a tour of the Center's laboratories. Various options for interaction with government authorities were discussed, and information about available and planned support measures, including at the federal level, was obtained.

    The guests noted the high level of equipment and staffing of modern equipment in our Center's laboratories, as well as the presence of highly qualified specialists.

    Report by Korolev TV:

  • 17.01.2024
    Scientific Article by the SRC FARMOBORONA in the Scientific-Practical Journal "Issues of Biological, Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry"

    In issue No. 12 of 2023, the scientific-practical journal "Issues of Biological, Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" published a scientific article by the team of authors from LLC Research Center "FARMOBORONA" on the topic: "DEVELOPMENT OF APPROACHES FOR THE ANALYSIS OF ELEMENTAL IMPURITIES IN TITANIUM DIOXIDE SUBSTANCE (DETERMINATION OF ANTIMONY)".

    This article is the second in a series of publications dedicated to analytical methods for determining elemental impurities in titanium dioxide substance.


  • 25.12.2023
    New Year's party for children at the "SRC FARMOBORONA"

    On December 17, 2023, the testing center of FARMOBORONA organized and hosted a New Year's party for the children of its employees.
    The celebration was a hit! There were dances around a live Christmas tree, decorated with festive ornaments and garlands; poetry recitals, and other fun activities with the children.
    A glowing composition of deer delighted the parents' eyes and caught the children's attention.
    But the highlight! Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, and Baba Yaga teamed up to perform a real play for the young guests and presented each child with gifts from FARMOBORONA.

    New Year's celebration for children at the FARMOBORONA Research Center
  • 21.12.2023
    Dear Colleagues!

    On 12/20/2023, LLC "Farmoborona Research and Testing Center" was renamed into LLC “Farmoborona Scientific Testing Center”. The rest of the company's details have not changed.

  • 12.12.2023
    New detector for chromatography

    The analytical laboratory has launched a thermal conductivity detector (abbreviated as TDC)/catharometer, which is used in gas chromatography.

    New detector for chromatography
  • 07.12.2023
    Scientific Article by FARMOBORONA Testing Center LLC in the Scientific and Practical Journal "Issues of Biological, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" text:

    In issue № 11 of 2023 of the scientific-practical journal "Issues of Biological, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry," a scientific article by the author's team of FARMOBORONA Testing Center LLC was published on the topic: "DEVELOPMENT OF APPROACHES TO THE ANALYSIS OF ELEMENTAL IMPURITIES IN TITANIUM DIOXIDE SUBSTANCE (DETERMINATION OF ARSENIC)".

    This article is the first in a series of publications dedicated to analytical methods for determining elemental impurities in titanium dioxide substance.

  • 07.11.2023
    The event "Apple Alley"

    On October 27, 2023, our company held an event named "Apple Alley" at the site, where our employees planted an apple tree alley by their own efforts as a symbol of the company's growth and development.

    Each employee contributed a part of their effort to improve the area of the testing Center "FARMOBORONA", and will continue to watch and take joy in the fruits of their labor.

    The General Director, Irina Vladimirovna Paskar, addressed the employees with a speech: "The Apple Alley is not just a row of trees; it's a symbol of vitality and fertility, a symbol of our collective strength and unity. Together, and only together, can we achieve grand goals and overcome any barriers.

    As we watch our apple trees grow and bloom, let it remind us of our dedication, unity, and responsibility towards nature and our colleagues. Let it symbolize that we, as a team, are capable of creating life and bringing joy."

    The weather presented a surprise in the form of wet snow, but this fact did not dampen our plans, and the employees of "FARMOBORONA" with even more enthusiasm and determination planted 15 apple trees of different varieties. Thanks to the different seasonal ripening of the apples, we hope to harvest from July through October in the future.

    Now, each department in the company has its own "sponsored" apple trees, which is reminded by the nameplates placed near each tree.

    After the collective tree planting, there was a tea party with pies, fun, and informal socializing.

    Thank you to all the employees who took an active part in creating the apple alley!

    Planting of the Apple Alley
  • 04.09.2023
    Operation of the Microbiological Laboratory on weekends

    Dear colleagues!
    We would like to inform you that starting from September 1, 2023, the Microbiological Laboratory of our Testing Center operates without days off from 8:00 to 20:00 for conducting tests related to the microbiological monitoring of the production environment, as well as for the indicators "Microbiological purity" and "Sterility".

  • 21.06.2023
    Checking the status of the order ONLINE

    Dear Colleagues!
    On the website, in the client's personal account, the ability to view the status of samples for your order has been added. To obtain information, you must enter the number of order and, if necessary, select the year.