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Drug Trials

We have an accreditation to providing the next trials:

  • pharmaceutical products: substances, bulk batch pharmaceutical products and finished dosage forms (aerosols, eye drops, pellets, enteric coated pills, injections, capsules, ointments, infusions, potions, tinctures, plasters, powders, syrups, suppositories, suspensions, extracts, emulsions, etc.);
  • homeopathic pharmaceutical products;
  • herbal substances;
  • biologically active food supplements;
  • biological pharmaceutical products (genetic engineering and biotechnological);
  • biological pharmaceutical products for veterinary use.
High potent drugs trials
Aseptic sampling of pharmaceutical products
Analytical microbiological methods validation
Methods development in accordance with regulatory documents
Microbiological monitoring of manufacturing environment
  • air
  • water
  • surfaces
  • equipment blanks
  • uniform
  • stuff hands
  • pharmaceutical products package
Nutritional medium control
Antimicrobial action detection. Method validation