• 26.12.2022
    The team of Farmoborona Test Center was awarded the Gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow Region

    According to the results of the work, the team of Farmoborona Test Center was awarded the Gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov for conscientious work and significant contribution to testing medicines to combat the new coronovirus infection (Covid - 2019).

    Award to General Director Paskar I.V. handed over by the head of the city of Korolev Igor Trifonov at a meeting with the heads of city-forming enterprises, city institutions, representatives of the city community, honorary citizens, which took place on December 23, 2022.

  • 21.12.2022
    Farmoborona Test Center became the winner of the competition "100 Best Goods of Russia". Two employees of the company received personal awards
    December 9, 2022 in Moscow at the Central House of the Russian Army named after M.V. Frunze, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the All-Russian Competition of the Program "100 Best Goods of Russia" took place.

    Our Center became a laureate of the All-Russian competition "100 Best Goods of Russia" in 2022, entered the first hundred of the best goods of Russia and was awarded the title of "Golden Hundred".

    The awards were presented to the participants of the competition by the Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology A.P. Shalaev, President of the International Public Organization "Academy of Quality Problems" G.I. Elkin and First Vice-President of the International Public Organization "Academy of Quality Problems" B.V. Fighters.

    Two employees of the Center were awarded personal awards. The badge of honor "For achievement in the field of quality" was awarded to the head of the quality service, and the quality manager was awarded the badge "Excellent worker in quality".

    The All-Russian competition "100 Best Goods of Russia" was established in 1998 and consists of two stages: regional and federal. This year the competition celebrated its 25th anniversary. The title of laureate of the "100 Best Goods of Russia" has become a symbol of the trust of the domestic consumer and the recognition of the expert community. In the federal stage of the competition in 2022, 1,048 enterprises and organizations of the country took part, which presented 1,675 goods and services.

  • 01.12.2022
    We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to provide a service for the creation, storage and maintenance of a cell culture bank
    The creation of a local working cell bank in our center will allow you to significantly reduce the financial burden on the purchase of these biological standards, to abandon the complex transportation procedure (in compliance with the "cold chain" at minus 196°C), to eliminate the risk of obtaining non-viable cell cultures, for example, in case of violation cold regime, and will also provide an opportunity to conduct research in the planned and necessary terms.

  • 29.11.2022
    We introduced new laboratory equipment - a dissolution tester for 12 stations
    We have introduced new laboratory equipment into operation - a dissolution tester for 12 stations (LOGAN UDT-818A-12). This is the latest device for conducting the Dissolution test in accordance with the highest modern requirements (USP, EP, JP, EAEU and the Global Fund of the Russian Federation). The instrument is equipped with an electric lift, an automated sample loading tray and a touch control display, and a vibration-free and self-calibrating system ensures that all tablets are tested under exactly the same conditions.

    The presence of this equipment allows not only to carry out high-quality tests in terms of the “Dissolution” ND indicator, but also to conduct studies on the test of comparative dissolution kinetics in full compliance with regulatory requirements (Decision of the EEC Council dated November 3, 2016 N 85 and Guidelines for the examination of medicines).

    Dissolution tester LOGAN UDT-818A
  • 15.11.2022
    Participation in the videoconferencing with the governor of the Moscow region
    On November 14, 2022, General Director Paskar Irina Vladimirovna took part in a weekly meeting in the form of a videoconference between the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov with members of the regional Government and heads of municipalities, one of the main topics of which was financial support for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Paskar Irina Vladimirovna told the Governor of the Moscow Region about the activities of the Center, about issues that need to be addressed in the face of sanctions and restrictions, as well as about key areas of development in the future.
  • 07.11.2022
    Visit of the Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma, deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, as well as the Head of the urban district of Korolev to our Testing Center
    On November 1, during a working trip as part of measures to support and stimulate entrepreneurial activity in the Moscow region, Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Igor Bryntsalov, deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Pakhomov and Vyacheslav Fomichev, as well as the Head of the urban district of Korolev Igor Trifonov visited our Testing Center.

    We conducted an introductory tour of the laboratories of the Testing Center, discussed the issues and difficulties that arise when testing medicines in connection with the introduction of economic restrictive measures against the Russian Federation.

    The guests noted the high level of equipment and staffing of the laboratories of the Testing Center with modern equipment and the presence of highly qualified specialists in it, who are difficult to replace.

    During the meeting, they discussed options for interaction between the Testing Center and the authorities, as well as possible support from the state.
  • 03.11.2022
    On November 1, the grand opening of the new working site of the Testing Center "FARMOBORONA" took place!
    Now our specialists can work in spacious, bright and modern premises. Each employee has an individual, fully equipped workplace. Heads of departments will feel comfortable in their own offices. And during breaks, the lounge area is ready to take employees to rest in its comfortable, beautiful and modern "embrace".

    The leaders of the company care about comfortable conditions for both work and leisure of their employees.

    Congratulations to the staff of the Research Center "FARMOBORONA" on these wonderful changes and innovations!

  • 30.09.2022
    We are glad to inform you that we provide services for the certification of enterprise standard samples with an assessment of their shelf life.
    The Testing Center is ready to participate in the creation of the design of the study and the preparation of attestation protocols. Based on the results of the experimental part of the work, a report on the certification of a standard sample is sent to the customer with the provision of all primary data.
  • 05.09.2022
    Colleagues, partners and customers of the PHARMOBORONA Testing Center
    We would like to share with you the company's news for the summer period.
    Everyone knows that summer is a time of holidays and recreation, during this period it is not always easy to work, you want to swim and sunbathe more.
    Despite this, our company:
    Took part in the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of the Program "100 Best Goods of Russia - 2022" and became the Winner in the nomination "Industrial and technical services".
    Congratulations to all our employees and company executives on another professional victory!

    The main thing is to draw strength and receive resources from the beautiful weather and nature in the summer for fruitful work and achieve excellent results, including the time for acquisition and development.
    The company "PHARMOBORONA" has a new automatic titrator model 916 Ti-Touch (manufacturer - Metrohm, Switzerland).
    The presence of a special combined electrode (Biotrode) and a cell for placing the electrode, a burette valve for titration, a tube for introducing nitrogen and reagents, as well as the possibility of constant mixing of the reaction mixture and maintaining the temperature at 25 ± 0.1 °C using a critothermostat ensure compliance with all required compendial requirements (EP, USP) when conducting this test under pH stating conditions.
    The automatic mode of operation of the device allows you to increase the accuracy of determining the activity of aprotinin in the substance and drugs.

    And the most pleasant news of the summer: on August 24, the friendly team of PHARMOBORONA congratulated our respected and wonderful director of the company on his birthday, giving 2 sweet gifts, 2 cakes.
    One of them is a two-story cake, handmade by chemists in the analytical department, decorated with beautiful fresh flowers and a magnificent biscuit inside.
    The second is a custom-made cake with corporate symbols, original in taste.
    August 24 became a solemn, tasty and joyful day!

  • 20.05.2022
    On May 19, 2022, we celebrated our professional holiday Pharmaceutical Worker Day

    Media about our holiday:

    Newspaper "Sputnik"

    Korolev TV

  • 19.05.2022
    Congratulations on your professional holiday - Pharmaceutical Worker's Day!
  • 29.04.2022
    GMP Certificate

    We received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the rules of good manufacturing practice of the Eurasian Economic Union.

  • 28.04.2022
    Scientific research on the basis of Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd.

    Having highly qualified personnel and a modern fleet of laboratory equipment, Farmoborona Test Center, Ltd. provides theoretical and experimental support to researchers, as well as graduate students (doctoral students) in the performance of research and dissertation research.

  • 17.03.2022
    Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day

    In an interesting and unusual way, we celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day! First, we congratulated the strong half of the team, our wonderful men. And then the beautiful and tender half of our charming employees.

  • 11.10.2021
    The PHARMOBORONA Testing Laboratory has successfully passed the procedure for confirmation of competence and expanded the accreditation area

    We have passed a scheduled check of competence in the Federal accreditation service and expanded the accreditation area into a number of methods of European pharmacopoeia and state pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation GF XIV.